What is Puppet? And no, not the Kermit kind


When someone mentions puppet in a sentence, my mind automatically goes to Kermit the frog or Elmo. But then again it turns out that there is more than one type out there. While one makes little children laugh, the other is more based on business. This a company that deals with IT software used in your home PC to systems that are used by corporate giants such as Reddit, Dell, Twitter and the New York Stock Exchange with investors such as Google Venture and Cisco backing up the company. The company was founded by Luke Kanies in 2005 where they started of with two Million dollars as funding form initial investors. Later in less than five years, the company had managed to secure a further two hundred percent increase in investors.

One of their products is an open source configuration management utility. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Well it means that this makes a system such as your computer run smoothly. It is used in computing systems such as Unix-like, Windows and so on. Another product is puppet automation which is where IT admins and systems are allowed to automate repetitive task such application installations, services and management. This means that it will allow for human interaction to be minimal in tasks which can be preprogrammed and which yield the same or predicted results with each lifecycle. The benefit of using such a system is that it immensely reduces expenses, increases efficiency and reduces the likelihood of human error, thereby increasing the quality of the output.

From puppet configuration to powering up your computer, the Company which has its headquarters in Portland, USA,
 also has its own certification course which specializes in system administrators and IT professionals who have real world experience and technical capabilities to manage the system structure through its lifecycle. In addition there is also a Professional Certification which uses their own technology to endorse the competency of the administrator. Then they also have a systems developer course which uses Ruby, which is the preferred or more commonly used language with the company to test the skills and competencies of the student. Do note that all of their courses have international recondition.

The company though might not yet have the internationally infamy, it is widely known as one of the up and coming companies in the world. Therefore with the importance given to technology in today’s world, the inventions and creation of companies such as this will indeed be our future.